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Dear friends and partners,

During this time of uncertainty and as communities across our state grapple with the profound consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, Caring for Colorado’s commitment to creating health, well-being and opportunity for Colorado’s children and families is unwavering. As we live through what may be the biggest public health challenge of our lifetime, the foundation is committed to helping as best as we can, for as many as we can.

The long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic will be revealed in the weeks and months ahead. Caring for Colorado anticipates supporting relief and recovery efforts both now and in the future. The foundation’s initial efforts are focused on supporting the health, human service and social infrastructures necessary to bolster the frontline response to the crisis across Colorado.

In addition to easing reporting requirements for current grantees and converting the majority of programmatic grants to general operating support, the foundation has committed more than $3 million for the following as part of our immediate, short-term response:

Health Care Safety Net

General operating support to the health care safety net to ensure that people can receive health care and that clinics have the resources needed to operate and address impacts of coronavirus – $1,275,000. View our grantees.

Family Resource Centers

General operating support for family resource centers – community-based, family-focused and culturally responsive organizations to assist families in accessing food, supplies for infants and toddlers, housing, public benefits and parenting supports – $1,010,000. View our grantees.

Emergency Shelter and Food for Vulnerable Individuals

General operating support for agencies providing emergency sheltering for homeless youth and agencies serving people at risk of violence and isolation – $500,000. View our grantees. Monetary support to Colorado’s food banks – $150,000. View our grantees.

Collective Efforts with Other Foundations

Pooled efforts with other foundations to support collective COVID-19 relieve efforts, including $100,000 to the governor’s COVID Relief Fund and $50,000 to the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado for Ayuda Colorado.

We are grateful to be in the position of helping Colorado communities during this trying time for our state. We are especially grateful to our nonprofit and local government partners who are working to meet the health, safety and social needs of people in our state and we are inspired by their hard work, creative problem-solving and passion.

We continue to work with our partners to understand community needs and gaps in funding as conditions change. Our goal is to support relief and recovery efforts during this crisis. We will do so with equity at the heart of our decisions as we work to ensure the health and well-being of children and families in Colorado.


Linda R. Reiner, MPH
President and CEO