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Dear Friends, 
We want to share with you the positions Caring for Colorado Foundation has taken on six statewide measures. These positions align with our commitment to make Colorado the best place to raise a child, and our understanding that children are more likely to thrive when caregivers, families and communities experience opportunities for health and well-being.

We encourage you to learn more about these and all measures on this year’s ballot, check your registration status and be ready to cast your vote on or before November 3rd. 

To a safe, healthy and hopeful future,
Linda Reiner, MPH, President and CEO and the Caring for Colorado team

YES on Proposition 118: Paid Family and Medical Leave

Nothing is more important than family. At some point, nearly everyone will need to take time to care for themselves, a new child, or a seriously ill family member. Coloradans should not have to choose between paying their bills and taking care of their health, a seriously ill family member or having a baby. Learn more. 

YES on Proposition EE: Increase Colorado’s Tobacco & Nicotine Tax

Colorado has the highest youth vaping rate in the country. Taxes on nicotine are a proven method for reducing sales of these products. By increasing tobacco taxes and taxing nicotine for the first time in Colorado, we’ll promote and protect the health of our kids. Revenue raised will also create a universal preschool program for our young learners, increase much needed revenue for k-12 education and support health education and tobacco cessation programs. Learn more.

YES on Amendment B: Repeal Property Tax Assessment Rates/Gallagher Amendment

Let’s keep our communities strong.  Correcting the formula for how residential property taxes are assessed will result in the maintenance of funding for essential community services such as schools, fire departments and rural hospitals.  Without this fix, these community institutions will continue to struggle with shrinking budgets. Learn more. 

NO on Proposition 115: Prohibit Abortions After 22-Weeks

We strongly oppose an arbitrary and cruel prohibition on abortions after 22-weeks gestational age. This measure forces a person to continue a pregnancy with no exceptions for risks to their health, a lethal fetal diagnosis, or even in cases of rape. Establishing criminal penalties for medical professionals who provide this care is wrong. Abortion later in pregnancy is a serious, rare medical procedure representing about 1% of all abortion in the United States. This one-size-fits-all mandate ignores the uniqueness of each pregnancy, dictates personal health decisions that should be left to patients and their doctors and violates our commitment to reproductive health equity. Learn more. 

NO on Propositions 116 and 117: Corporate and Individual Income Tax Reduction & Voter Approval of Enterprises

We strongly oppose these two measures. Proposition 116 will reduce Colorado’s tax revenue and further limit funding for childcare, education, affordable housing, transportation and other essential resources for our communities. Reducing state revenue will compound the impact of significant budget cuts made in 2020 and largely benefit wealthy Coloradans. Proposition 117 will further limit the ability of state lawmakers to develop and support necessary government programs, including health coverage expansions. Fees can and should be utilized to help fund specific initiatives directly tied to those fees. Learn more.