News Article

As the holidays approach amidst the challenging landscape of 2020, we share our thanks for the many acts of kindness and extraordinary efforts made by people across Colorado.  

The disruption of COVID-19 to our lives reminds us how much we count on the dedication of the people who keep our communities running: first responders, health care providers, teachers, childcare providers, store clerks, service industry employees and so many others working to meet the needs of Coloradans. We are grateful beyond words for the sacrifices you make and the services you provide during this crisis.

To our community partners, we share our heartfelt thanks for your caring, nimble responses to reinforce the safety net for Colorado children and families. Your dedicated efforts help Colorado families meet basic needs, like housing, utilities, safety, access to food, and access to health and mental health care.  

2020 has shined a bright light on the many inequities in our state and country. This is a pivotal time as we open our eyes and learn more about the realities of many Coloradans. We are grateful for and stand with those who fight for a better tomorrow, where equity and justice prevail. We believe that Black Lives Matter and are dedicated to eliminating disparities across our state due to race, ethnicity, identity and geography. Thank you to all who stand up for and work toward social justice. 

Courageous acts and everyday kindnesses will see us through the uncertainties of these days and give us hope for a brighter tomorrow. We wish you safety, health and hope through the holiday season, and every day.

With gratitude,

Linda Reiner, President and CEO, and the
Caring for Colorado Foundation Staff