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Derek Chauvin’s conviction is an important step forward in addressing the systemic racism that pervades our country. For true justice to be served, George Floyd would be alive today, as would so many others, and no other names would be added to the heartbreaking list of Black and Brown Americans who have died at the hands of law enforcement.

Today, as we accept accountability in place of justice, we are resolved to continue the hard work of dismantling racist systems. We respect the dignity of every person and acknowledge the deep harm racism causes to individuals, our communities, and our country.

At Caring for Colorado, we work for a future where all Colorado children grow up in communities with equal opportunity for health and well-being, and experience lives that are full of possibility and hope. This vision can only be achieved through serious and long-term work to end racism so we can ensure that all kids in Colorado have safety, agency, well-being, opportunity, and love.