Seeking a Grant

ReproCollab is a Caring for Colorado-led initiative that builds partnerships and provides grant funding to advance reproductive equity in Colorado so that all people have the power to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive autonomy,  including health, rights, and well-being. 

Grant Application Information

There are no open funding opportunities right now

Current Funding

ReproCollab does not have any open funding opportunities at this time. Learn more about our ReproCollab Initiative funding areas and strategies here.


Part 2 – Selected Applicants 

Part 2 of the grant application is closed. The team is reviewing all applications and will be sending out notifications November 10, 2023.


Caring for Colorado will consider applications from and awards to organizations who benefit Colorado and are: 

  • Charitable nonprofit organizations with tax-exempt classification from the Internal Revenue Service; or
  • Tax-supported institutions including state and local governments and schools. 

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Please note: New or emerging organizations are permitted to apply through a tax-exempt organization acting as fiscal agent. The most common type of fiscal agent arrangement is between a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization and a non-tax-exempt group. The fiscal agent has the ultimate authority and responsibility to see that the funds are used for the purpose intended; it cannot simply be a pass-through organization.

Caring for Colorado does not fund:

  • For-profit entities
  • Annual appeals or membership drives
  • Financial support for political candidates
  • Scholarships
  • Fee-based programming without a robust sliding scale
  • Pregnancy resource centers
  • Research (costs specifically associated with the research process such as design, investigation or analysis)

    Grant Review Process

    ReproCollab team members begin their review after the deadline.

    ReproCollab anticipates it will receive more proposals than it can fund. Applications not eligible for funding will be notified of declination via email.

    All applicants can expect a site visit. Please anticipate a scheduled remote or in-person site visit during the month of May to discuss the proposal. A member of the ReproCollab team will reach out to your team to schedule a site visit within three business days of the deadline. They may request additional information throughout the process.

    The full review process takes about three months.

    Funding recommendations and decisions are made by the ReproCollab staff in partnership with the Caring for Colorado Centennial Fund Board of Directors. We notify all grantees of final decisions via phone or email.