Who We Are

Our Changing Focus

Our Changing Focus

Strategic Direction

Since 2018, Caring for Colorado staff and board have engaged in a strategic planning process to understand the changing health needs of the people of Colorado and to chart our future course as we approach our 20th anniversary as an organization.

We’ve engaged with people and communities throughout the state to understand how we can partner to make meaningful investments to improve health and well-being, particularly for people who face the greatest obstacles in achieving health.

What we heard is that people across Colorado are concerned about our children and youth. Investments, services and supports for children, youth and families in Colorado are sorely lacking, especially for those who are the furthest away from opportunity. As we learned more about the issues surrounding children and youth in our state, as well as the many efforts to change systems, services and mind-sets to improve the lives of children, youth and families, we knew it was time to shift course and deepen our focus on this population. 

Our Vision

and Purpose

Going forward, our vision is that Colorado is a state where all our children and families are happy, healthy and thriving. Therefore, our purpose is creating equity in health, well-being and opportunity for Colorado’s children and families.

The Future

We are excited to work with partner organizations – both long-time partners and those new to Caring for Colorado to achieve this vision.

Together, we can make Colorado the best place for children to grow up and thrive.