Building a Healthier Future for Colorado’s Children and Families

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Creating Equity
in Health

We stand together with rural, urban and frontier communities to create programs, policies and systems that support the goal that every child in Colorado has love, stability, support and opportunity.

Our New
10-Year Focus

Based on what we’re learning, and understanding our niche within Colorado’s philanthropy ecosystem, we are happy and excited to share that for the next decade, Caring for Colorado will focus all our efforts in three important ways.

We’re Hiring!

Our talented and dedicated staff work with Colorado communities and organizations to make positive changes in health every day. 

We’re 25! Follow us throughout the year as we celebrate our achievements in improving health and wellbeing across Colorado. As part of our anniversary, we will be announcing some special gifts throughout the year in recognition of the hard work we’ve all done together to make Colorado a place where every child experiences love, stability, support, opportunity, and health!

Future Pueblo Grant Opportunities

Moving forward, the Packard Fund for Pueblo will operate only one responsive grantmaking cycle per year focused on children, youth, and families. 

Changes to Statewide Funding Cycle

The 2024 funding opportunity for Caring for Colorado’s Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Youth, and Strong & Resilient Families focus areas will only be open to organizations that received funding in our 2023 grant cycle. Eligible organizations will receive direct communication from foundation staff, along with the information needed to submit a renewal application.

Our Grantmaking Guiding Principles

CFC’s grantmaking program is rooted in our purpose of achieving equity, health and well-being for Colorado’s children and families. These principles guide our decisions.

We center the health and well-being of all children, youth and their families, and we prioritize resources and attention to children living in families with low incomes, children and youth of color, and children and youth who experience systemic injustice.

We center the voice and perspective of children, youth, families and caregivers and support efforts that seek, integrate, and respond to their insights and solutions.

We center organizations that are rooted in and trusted by the children, youth and communities they serve.

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