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2023 Annual Report


MARCH 2023

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to highlight Caring for Colorado’s grantmaking in 2023 during which we awarded $12.3 million in grants to 214 nonprofit organizations across Colorado. Our work is centered on improving conditions, services, and policies throughout our state so that all children and families, especially those who experience health inequities, can live happy and healthy lives. 

In 2023 we prioritized grant funding to address some of the most challenging health issues in Colorado and across our nation, including youth mental health, reproductive health equity, access to healthcare in rural communities, and family well-being and stability. While these issues feel daunting at times, we remain hopeful as we work with thoughtful leaders and unsung heroes across our state who tirelessly pursue a better future for our children. 

At Caring for Colorado, we are grateful and humbled by the responsibility and privilege to improve the health, well-being, and opportunity of children and families in Colorado in partnership with you, our friends, and our colleagues. 

Please enjoy our 2023 Annual Report. We welcome your questions or comments. 

In good health,  

2023 Financial Information

2023 Grantmaking

Caring for Colorado’s vision is that Colorado’s children, youth, and families are happy, healthy, and thriving and our purpose is to create equity in health, well-being, and opportunity for Colorado’s children and families. To meet this mission, our grantmaking is focused on five funding priorities: Statewide Responsive, Pueblo Place-Based, Public Policy Advocacy, and initiatives in Reproductive Health Equity and Mental Health in Schools.

Statewide Responsive

$5.4 million was awarded to 99 nonprofit organizations across Colorado through funding opportunities in healthy beginnings, healthy youth, and strong and resilient families. View 2023 Statewide Responsive grantees here.

Pueblo Place-Based

$770 thousand was awarded to 29 Pueblo-based nonprofits working to support long-term, equitable solutions to address the needs of children and families who live in Pueblo. This work is fueled by the Sperry S. and Ella Graber Packard Fund for Pueblo and is informed by a local advisory committee of Pueblo residents. View Pueblo Place-based grantees here.

Public Policy Advocacy

$1.5 million was awarded to 34 nonprofit policy and advocacy organizations, working across Colorado on local and statewide policy solutions to improve access to health care, improve access to public benefits and to maintain reproductive rights in Colorado. View Public Policy Advocacy grantees here.


Caring for Colorado invests in initiatives that are designed to address specific, pressing health needs through targeted interventions. Our initiatives provide multi-year funding, technical assistance, and field building at the community level. Initiatives focus on changing local and state systems and testing new methods for addressing entrenched health issues facing children, youth, and families.

Reproductive Health Equity

Caring for Colorado’s reproductive health equity initiative, named ReproCollab, is working to improve access to person-centered contraceptive care, increase access to sexual and reproductive health education for young people, and support policy and advocacy efforts to improve and maintain reproductive rights in Colorado. ReproCollab is a multi-year, multi-million-dollar initiative with six funding partners: The Colorado Health Foundation, The Colorado Trust, Craig-Schekman Family Foundation, Colorado Gives Foundation, and Rose Community Foundation. In 2023, $1.5 million was awarded to 12 safety net health clinics across Colorado working to improve access to person-centered contraceptive care. View ReproCollab Access grantees here.

In 2023, we expanded our work in reproductive health equity to include a new program named Choose When that is designed to bring down financial barriers to contraception for people who are uninsured or underinsured, with a focus on improving access to long-acting methods. The first grants for Choose When will be awarded in 2024. Learn more about Choose When.

Mental Health in Schools

In 2019, Caring for Colorado developed a multi-year, $10 million effort designed to strengthen the ability of educators and schools to provide school cultures and climates that meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of all students, especially those who experience significant challenges. The goal is to improve mental health, well-being, and resiliency for middle and high school students in communities across Colorado. Forty-three school districts are participating in this work, led by the Colorado Education Initiative and the University of Denver’s Center for Rural School Health and Education. Learn more about Youth Mental Health in Schools.

2023 Board of Directors

Caring for Colorado board members serve as volunteers and live throughout Colorado, representing the interests of children, youth, and families in our state.

Patricia Braun

Kraig Burleson

Ed Casias

Carl Clark

Kristina Daniel

Anne Garcia

David Henninger

Brenda Holland

Paul Major

Mardi Moore


An Nguyen

Connie Rule

Phyllis Sanchez

Chris Urbina


Caring for Colorado Staff

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