Promoting Positive Parenting - Baby Bear Hugs

“We know babies aren’t born with instructions, and even if they were, those instructions would not fit your child or your circumstances.”

Grantee Stories
Expanding the Safety Net in Summit County - Summit Community Care Clinic

“Prior to coming to Summit County Community Care Clinic, I did not have health care. It’s such an incredible experience for me to be able to walk into a place like this and get affordable health care that matches my means.”

Grantee Stories
Bridging the Gap in Rural Health Care Access - La Puente Home

“Through most of La Puente’s history, families simply arrived at our door at a point of crisis. Now with our partnership with Caring for Colorado, we can go out into the community and begin to connect people to the services that they need.”

Grantee Stories
Serving Our Neighbors - Inner City Health Center

“The people that we serve come from all over. Your neighbors, my neighbors, they’re individuals, families, and most of them are really hardworking people but don’t make a living wage.”

Grantee Stories
Addressing Behavioral Health Through Integration - Denver Indian Health and Family Services

“Our providers are now able to do a warm hand off to the social workers…they end up peeling off all the different layers of the disparities they are trying to treat and it gets to the behavioral health need of the patient.”

Grantee Stories

Grant Application Deadlines

The Caring for Colorado application deadline recently passed. We will update with information about the next deadline in the coming months.
Visit the Grantseekers page to learn more about applying for a grant.



New Report   on Oral Health  Available

The Colorado Health Institute, with support from the Caring for Colorado Foundation and Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, developed a new report - Open Wide for Opportunity: Medicaid's Leadership in a New Vision of Oral Health for Colorado - to examine the evidence behind oral health strategies, what other states have pursued, and what it would take for Colorado to implement its own approach to improving health in Colorado.  

Learning and Impact Summaries

Learning from Caring for Colorado Foundation’s grantee partners is an important aspect of our evaluation approach. Read the Community Health, Healthy Children and Youth, Mental Health and Oral Health summaries to learn more about how CFC funding affected an array of communities and residents, help inform future grantmaking strategies, and add to our knowledge about specific health issues and community health needs. 

Latest News

  • Join us at a Community Conversation! 

    Caring for Colorado continues to work on the foundation’s strategic direction to address the changing health needs across Colorado and we need your help. Please share your insights about your community's health challenges and how to address them at a community conversation near you. Register here to attend a conversation taking place in a rural area near you. We will provide a meal for participants with every community conversation. We hope to see you in there!