For Grantees


We are here to help. Are you ready to submit a report? Are you new to your organization and need to update contact information? Do you need to complete an amendment form?

Please review the information below. If you need further assistance, please email us or call us at 720-524-0770.


Current grantees are required to submit progress and final reports in a two-step process through our online grants portal. Reports include both a narrative section and a financial section. Please log on and follow the directions to complete your report.

Contact Changes and Portal Access

Please fill out and submit our online Contact Change Form to update contact information or request additional grant contact log in credentials. 

Please email us if you need to reset your password.


We understand that timelines change, budgets may need reallocation, or data collection may take longer than planned.

Please contact your program lead to discuss an amendment. After that discussion, complete the Grant Amendment Request Form and email it to your program lead.