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Caring for Colorado works to improve the lives of children and families in Colorado through collaboration, partnership, shared knowledge and grantmaking. 

Grant Application Information

Next Statewide Funding Opportunity 
February 2023

Learn About Our Approach

Please review the information below to ensure your project, program or organization aligns with our approach.


Caring for Colorado will consider applications from and awards to organizations who benefit Colorado and are: 

  • Charitable nonprofit organizations with tax-exempt classification from the Internal Revenue Service; or
  • Tax-supported institutions including state and local governments and schools. 

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Please note: New or emerging organizations are permitted to apply through a tax-exempt organization acting as fiscal agent. The most common type of fiscal agent arrangement is between a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization and a non-tax-exempt group. The fiscal agent has the ultimate authority and responsibility to see that the funds are used for the purpose intended; it cannot simply be a pass-through organization.

Caring for Colorado does not fund:

  • For-profit entities
  • Annual appeals or membership drives
  • Financial support for political candidates
  • Scholarships
  • Fee-based programming without a robust sliding scale
  • Pregnancy resource centers
  • Research (costs specifically associated with the research process such as design, investigation or analysis)

Please find additional information about what is and is not funded under each Focus Area or in the PDFs below:

Submit Part 1 – Instructions

Caring for Colorado reviews Part 1 grant applications to determine eligibility and alignment with the CFC grantmaking guiding principles and Focus Areas. Applicants are either selected to complete Part 2 or declined based on this review.

Part 1 of the grant application is closed. 

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Please use Google Chrome as your browser when applying. Follow the directions on the online form to complete the application. Important note: You cannot save and edit your work while working on the Part 1 online form.

Part 1: Please enter the following information in the fields in the Part 1 online form.

  • Organization Name
  • Select “yes” if your proposal is a general operating request or “no” if it is a program request.
  • Proposal Title
  • Proposal Summary
  • Total Amount Requested
  • Proposal Duration in Months
  • Geographic Area Served

Proposal Overview: Use the Proposal Overview template to write and edit your answers before entering them on the online form. The Proposal Overview must be completed using 12-point font and cannot exceed three (3) pages in total.

After writing and editing your responses in the Proposal Overview template, you must copy and paste each response into the corresponding section in the online form.


Submit Part 2 – Selected Applicants 

Applicants moving forward will receive an email invitation outlining next steps within three weeks of the Part 1 deadline. Part 2 of the grant application must be submitted through the online grants portal by 5 pm on the second deadline date. Part 2 will appear under “Draft Requests” in the portal. Please use Google Chrome as your browser when applying and see Grant Portal Tips.

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Grantseekers must have credentials to access the online grants portal.

  • If you have previously registered for an account, you can log into the online grants portal to complete Part 2.
  • If you have not applied previously, you will receive log in credentials via email after you are selected to move forward to Part 2. Please contact if you do not receive log in credentials within three business days of being selected to move forward.

Requirements of Part 2 Application

Proposal Narrative: We encourage applicants to write their answers to the required questions in this Proposal Narrative template and review them before entering responses in the online portal.

Program/Project Budget:  This form is submitted as an attachment in the portal and is NOT required for general operating requests. The budget consists of three parts: projected expenses, projected income and a narrative description of expense items.

Required Attachments (submitted as attachments in the portal):

  • Board of Directors – list of the board of directors, with titles
  • Major Contributors – list of the major contributors to the organization and contribution amounts for the previous fiscal year
  • Audited financial statements for the most recently completed fiscal year
    — If audited financial statements are not available, then submit IRS Form 990 of the most recently completed fiscal year.
    — If IRS Form 990 from most recent fiscal year is not available, then submit a copy of last Form 990 that was filed plus internal financial statements of the most recently completed fiscal year.
  • YTD Financial Statements – current year-to-date internal financial statements (Statement of Activities and Balance Sheet), including budget-to-actual data, if available
  • Operating Budget – current-year annual operating budget
  • Optional additional attachment (not required)

If using a Fiscal Agent:

  • Fiscal Sponsor’s most recent fiscal year-end financial statements; audited if available
  • Fiscal Sponsor’s most current year-to-date internal financial statement (Balance Sheet and Statement of Activities)

Part 2 of the grant application must be submitted by 5 pm on the deadline date.

Grant Review Process

After Part 1 submission, you will receive email confirmation within one business day. We will notify both applicants selected to complete Part 2 of the application and applicants whose proposals are declined within in three weeks.

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Proposal review — Philanthropy team members begin their review after the deadline.

Caring for Colorado receives more proposals than it can fund. If a Part 1 application does not align with the guiding principles or focus areas, the applicant will be notified of declination via email.

Organizations selected for further review will be contacted within three weeks of the Part 1 deadline regarding next steps. Applicants moving through to Part 2 will have two weeks to submit additional information about their organization and proposed work.

The full review process takes about four months.

Philanthropy team members will contact applicants who are selected to move forward with Part 2 to schedule remote and in-person site visits to discuss the proposal. They may request additional information throughout the process.

Funding recommendations and decisions are made by the Caring for Colorado staff in partnership with our Board of Directors. We notify all grantees of final decisions via phone or email.