Focus Areas

Strong and Resilient Families

Our Focus

Families need support to provide stable and responsive environments for children to grow. Children deserve to have safe and happy experiences throughout their childhood and adolescence and to grow up to have full adult lives.

What We Fund

We seek to ensure all children, youth and families have strong foundations and equitable access to opportunities. We support efforts that focus on engaging families, organizations and communities to identify and strengthen families’ protective factors and promote family-centered mental and behavioral health. Efforts that focus on families experiencing the highest barriers to health and well-being in rural, urban and frontier communities that incorporate family voice into decision-making are our priority. Funding may support general operations, programs/projects, capacity building, collaboration and systems building.

Strengthening Protective Factors

We support programs that promote and strengthen protective factors, including organizations working with families to access a broad array of resources and organizations preventing and responding to crisis.

Promoting Family-Centered Mental and Behavioral Health

We seek to fund access to community-based programs and planning and/or capacity building for family-centered mental and behavioral health treatment and supports.

Recent Grants

Compañeros: Four Corners Immigrant Resource Center

Support the community-informed provision of resources and services to immigrant communities in rural southwest Colorado to help families lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado

Empower young moms to break the cycle of poverty and succeed as parents, scholars and professionals,
while ensuring that their children become kindergarten-ready through the Student and Family Support
Program and Early Childhood Education Center.


Expanding Multisystemic Therapy (MST) to serve youth and families in Southwest Colorado. MST is an in-home, evidence-based treatment that empowers youth (aged 12–18) and their families to improve their mental health and overall family functioning.

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