Seeking a Grant

One’s ability to decide if and when to start a family is directly tied to overall health and well-being. We are working to ensure that everyone who wants contraception is able to access it, in a method of their choice, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

Grant Application Information

Funding Opportunity to Reduce Financial Barriers to Contraception

Current Funding

Caring for Colorado’s Choose When funding opportunity provides financial support to safety net clinics to cover the costs of contraception, especially long-acting methods, to improve access to this basic healthcare need. Read the detailed Choose When Funding Opportunity (PDF).

Part 2 – Selected Applicants 

Part 2 of the grant application is closed. Caring for Colorado staff will be reviewing all applications and sending out notifications by July 2024


Caring for Colorado will consider applications from and awards to organizations that are:

  • Colorado-based nonprofit organizations, public health organizations, school districts or rural health clinics.
  • Colorado-based primary care clinics such as a community safety net clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, school-based health center programs, local public health agencies, or rural health clinics with a contraceptive care program. Choose When funding will be prioritized for smaller clinics and those in rural, frontier, or other underserved communities.
  • Offering contraceptive care services to people who meet at least one of these criteria:
    • Live in rural and frontier communities.
    • Live in communities with limited access to affordable contraceptive care.
    • Lack health insurance or are underinsured.
    • Seek confidential services, such as young people.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to providing all methods of contraception — including long-acting methods — with an approach that is person-centered. This means respecting each patient’s preferences, values, and lived experience in selecting or discontinuing a particular contraceptive.

Please note: The following organizations are not eligible to apply:  

Grant Review Process

The full review process, which includes both Part 1 and Part 2, takes approximately two months.

Caring for Colorado staff will begin their review after the deadline. Staff may request additional information throughout the review process.

Funding recommendations and decisions are made by our staff in partnership with our Board of Directors. We notify all grantees of final decisions via email, with an opportunity for further feedback.

About Choose When

Choose When is one strategy within ReproCollab, Caring for Colorado’s multi-year initiative working to advance reproductive equity in Colorado. ReproCollab’s goals are to protect and expand contraceptive access, promote community-led solutions in sexual health education, and lead and advocate for reproductive equity. The work is centered on and in partnership with communities historically denied access to their reproductive health.

    Contact us with questions: Please email our staff at