For Pueblo Grantseekers

Please review the steps below to complete your application submission. 

Application Process

Next grant Cycle opening in November

Before Applying

For information about what we fund and our application process:


Submit Part 1 Application

To be considered for a grant, all prospective Packard Fund for Pueblo applicants – including current grantees – must submit a Part 1 application online. 

The Packard Fund staff and Advisory Board review Part 1 applications to determine eligibility and alignment with the Fund’s priorities and approach. Part 1 applicants are either selected to complete Part 2 of the grant application or declined based on this review.

Part 1 asks for the following information:

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Organization Information: Name, Tax ID, Tax Class, Address, County where primary office is located, website address (if applicable)

Contact Information: Executive Director Contact Information and Title, Project Primary Contact Information and Title

Request Information:

  • Focus Area/Priority
  • Proposal Title
  • Proposal Summary (500 character max)
  • Mission Statement
  • Grant Type – Program or Operating
  • Amount Requested
  • Proposal Start Date
  • Proposal Term in Months
  • Anticipated Number Reached and how Anticipated Number Reached is calculated
  • Geography, including geographical area served and county/counties served
  • Demographics, including
    º  the percentage of population served by your organization that identifies as a person of color;
    º  the percentage of population served by your organization lives with incomes at or below 260% of the federal poverty level; and
    º  specific communities served
  • Organizational Annual Budget
    º  Date of Financial Statement
    º  Current Assets
    º  Current Liabilities
    º  Cash/Cash Equivalents
  • Proposal Overview Template (Use this Word document template to write and edit your answers before copying and pasting them into the online Part 1 form.)

Selected Applicants Only – Submit Part 2

The Sperry S. and Ella Graber Packard Fund for Pueblo application mirrors the Colorado Common Grant Application.

Applicants selected to move forward will receive an email invitation outlining next steps three weeks before the Part 2 deadline. Part 2 of the grant application must be submitted through the online grants portal by 5 pm on the second deadline date.

Please read our Application Process Overview to learn more.

For more information on using the online system, see Grant Portal Tips.