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As Colorado continues to navigate the profound consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, Caring for Colorado’s commitment to creating health, well-being and opportunity for Colorado’s children and families is unwavering. Caring for Colorado anticipates supporting relief and recovery efforts over the next 18 months. Our resources are focused on supporting the health, human service and social infrastructures necessary to ensure children, youth and families are healthy, safe and stable. In addition to the $3.5 million in funding supporting the health care safety net, family resource centers, emergency sheltering, and collective efforts through the State of Colorado, CFC’s board recently approved these supports:

Keep the Lights on Colorado

The Keep the Lights on Colorado Fund operates via a partnership of Mile High United Way, Healthier Child Care Colorado and the Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance. Through this fund, childcare providers receive direct financial assistance to cover rent, retain staff, pay for additional cleaning supplies and support utilities. CFC’s investment helps stabilize Colorado’s childcare safety net and supports a healthy beginning for Colorado’s children in a time of significant disruption. $100,000

Health Care Safety Net

In partnership with The Colorado Health Foundation, Delta Dental Foundation, Rocky Mountain Health Foundation and Rose Community Foundation, CFC is supporting an innovative program at the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing to support safety net health providers who have experienced revenue losses as a result of the COVID-19 public health emergency. Safety net clinics working with Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program) are eligible for funding that addresses revenue gaps, which may be related to reduced visit volume, converting to telehealth practices and increased protocols for safety and sanitation. Our shared hope is that Colorado maintains a strong health care safety net to ensure that people can receive the health care they need. $250,000

Left Behind Workers Fund

Through a network of community partners, the Left Behind Workers Fund is providing $1,000 of direct cash assistance to those recently unemployed workers not eligible for unemployment insurance or most other federal benefits and who are significantly impacted by the pandemic. Together with trusted nonprofit partners that specifically serve lower wage workers and undocumented immigrants, Impact Charitable is hosting The Left Behind Workers Fund. The goal of the program is to support people who do not have access to relief programs to address their most pressing needs (food, rent, bills, health, transportation, etc.). Our shared hope is that this effort helps stabilize the families of some of Colorado’s most impacted communities during the pandemic. $50,000

Black Resilience in Colorado Fund

Established in June, the Black Resilience in Colorado (BRIC) Fund at The Denver Foundation directs resources to address systemic racism and its impact on Black communities across the seven-county Metro Denver region. The fund will support capacity building to help these organizations build resources to withstand the current crises and build long-term sustainability. $50,000

Wildfire Emergency Fund Donations

In addition to the significant affects of the pandemic, many Coloradans and their communities are suffering because the wildfires throughout our state. Caring for Colorado has made donations to support the following funds working to provide support to communities and people affected by the fires:

Grand Foundation $10,000
The Grand County Wildfire Emergency Fund will support the needs of Grand County residents who have been evacuated, displaced or have lost their homes during the Grand County fires.

Larimer County United Way – $10,000
The Cameron Peak Fire Response Fund, through the United Way of Larimer County, will support the needs of those most affected by the fire.