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  • Caring for Colorado positions on ballot measures

The 2022 Colorado Ballot contains several statewide measures that, for better and – sometimes – for worse, directly influence the lives of children and families in our state. As a Foundation dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Colorado children, youth and families, we are speaking up and sharing our thoughts about the ballot proposals that will affect them.

We encourage you to learn more about these measures and check your registration status to be ready to cast your vote on or before November 8th. Let’s do all we can to improve the lives of Colorado kids.

To a safe, healthy, and hopeful future for our kids and communities,

Linda Reiner, MPH, President and CEO and the Caring for Colorado team

YES on Proposition FF: Healthy Meals for All Public-School Students

School lunch ensures that students have the nutrition they need throughout the day to learn – healthy food is critical to learning and the well-being of children and youth, especially for low-income students. Prop FF would require and make it possible for every public school to provide healthy meals to students at no cost.

YES on Proposition GG: Amount of Tax Owed Table For Initiatives

This measure will require the state to prominently display information about how ballot measures changing the income tax rate would affect people across income levels, providing Coloradans with the ability to easily see how their family would be impacted.

YES on Proposition 123: Statewide Affordable Housing Fund

Every Coloradan needs a safe, stable place to call home. Children who experience high rates of housing instability or homelessness have lower academic achievement and delayed literacy skills. Prop 123 would use revenue from an existing federal tax to create the state affordable housing fund, which would go toward the development of affordable housing programs.

NO on Proposition 121: Colorado Reduce Income Tax Rate

We oppose this measure to reduce the state income tax rate for individuals and corporations from 4.55 percent to 4.40 percent. Reducing Colorado’s tax revenue will limit funding for education and other essential resources for our communities.

NO on Propositions 124, 125 & 126: Access to Alcohol

We oppose each of these measures that seek to lower barriers and increase access to alcohol. Caring for Colorado values and supports prevention and early intervention for mental health issues and substance use disorders for children, youth and families in Colorado. These measures run counter to this value. Easier access to alcohol can promote underage drinking, which impairs healthy brain development, and is particularly risky as Colorado is experiencing a mental health crisis for young people.

NO on Proposition 124:

  • Concerning Liquor Licenses would increase the maximum number of liquor licenses a Colorado resident and retailer may hold from two to unlimited.

NO on Proposition 125:

  • Colorado Beer Code would allow the sale of wine in grocery and convenience stores that are licensed to sell beer.

NO on Proposition 126: