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• ReproCollab Funding Priorities Announced
• New Funding Opportunity: Protect and Expand Contraceptive Access

ReproCollab Announces Funding Priorities

ReproCollab is a Caring for Colorado-led initiative that builds partnerships and provides grant funding to advance reproductive equity in Colorado. Our goal is for all people to have the information, services, and power needed to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive autonomy, including health, rights, and well-being.
With a focus on communities that have historically carried the burden of racial, economic, and social inequalities, ReproCollab will build partnerships and provide grant funding across these three strategic areas over the next three years:

Protect and Expand Contraceptive Access: Improve access to person-centered contraceptive care within Colorado’s safety net system.

Promote Community-Led Solutions in Sexual Health Education: Fund innovative reproductive and sexual health education programs for young people, designed by young people, and in partnership with organizations they know and trust.

Lead and Advocate for Reproductive Equity: Leverage community, regulatory, legislative, and philanthropic expertise to create public policies that advance reproductive equity.

These efforts build on earlier work of the Colorado Collaborative for Reproductive Health Equity, an initiative created in 2017 by Caring for Colorado and co-funded by the Colorado Health Foundation. In 2021, ReproCollab was launched to further advance the movement for sexual and reproductive equity across Colorado with funding support from Caring for Colorado, The Colorado Health Foundation, The Colorado Trust, and The Craig-Sheckman Family Foundation.

Learn more about ReproCollab.

Contraceptive Access Funding Opportunity Now Open

ReproCollab’s first funding opportunity for the Protect and Expand Contraceptive Access strategy is now open.

Grant funds are available to Colorado safety-net clinics (federally qualified health centers, independent safety-net clinics, school-based health centers, and local public health agencies with existing contraceptive care programs) to improve their contraceptive care delivery and influence broader policy change for reproductive equity.

The sector faces significant challenges in advancing reproductive equity, particularly post-pandemic. Barriers range from a shortage of trained providers to a limited range of contraceptive methods, prohibitive financing, limited-service hours or locations, and more. These grant funds will support safety net clinics and agencies for up to 24 months as they respond to the ongoing and urgent need for equitable access to contraceptive care. View the detailed Funding Opportunity.

Important Dates

Applicants must submit an Intent to Apply form by Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at 5 pm, in order to access the application. The grants team will process Intent to Apply forms and send log in credentials to applicants within 1-2 business days. Applications are due Wednesday, April 26, 2023, at 5 pm and must be submitted through the online grants portal.

Applicants are encouraged to view a recorded informational webinar and attend an online Q+A session on Thursday, March 9, 2023, at noon. Register now for the Q+A session with ReproCollab staff.

Learn more about applying on the ReproCollab Seeking a Grant page.

For questions about this funding opportunity, please email ReproCollab staff at