News Article

We are happy to report the results of Caring for Colorado’s work to create equity in health, well-being, and opportunity for Colorado’s children and families.

In 2022 we continued our work to increase access to the COVID-19 vaccine in communities disproportionally impacted by the virus, significantly increased our investments in social and emotional services and support within schools, and designed new funding opportunities to advance reproductive health equity.

Our commitment to respond to community health needs resulted in giving 254 grants totaling $17.4 million to 206 nonprofits throughout Colorado to advance our long-term vision of making Colorado the best place for kids to grow up.

We are grateful for the hard work of our nonprofit partners and community leaders who continue to support communities in the service of children and families. We are proud to partner with these amazing leaders and advocates as we build a healthier and more just future for Colorado’s children and families.