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Grants Awarded: 12 Health Care Organizations to Improve Person-Centered Contraceptive Care
Grantee Spotlight: Public Policy Advocacy Funding Supports the Next Generation of Latina Leaders
Around Our Offices: Thank You to Our Board Members

Grants Awarded: 12 Health Care Organizations to Improve Person-Centered Contraceptive Care

ReproCollab awarded $1,575,000 to 12 health care organizations to improve access to person-centered contraceptive care within Colorado’s health care safety net system over two years. During the first year of funding, clinics will receive individualized technical support from Upstream USA, a national implementation partner. Year two will entail a learning community to explore system and policy solutions. Click here to learn more about these grantees.

ReproCollab is a multi-year initiative with funding support from Caring for Colorado Foundation, The Colorado Health Foundation, Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation, and The Colorado Trust. ReproCollab supports health care organizations to improve the delivery of contraceptive care and to strengthen the capacity of advocates and institutions in addressing systemic and policy barriers to reproductive equity.  

Grantee Spotlight: Public Policy Advocacy Funding Supports the Next Generation of Latina Leaders

One Caring for Colorado grantee, a recipient of ReproCollab’s Public Policy Advocacy funding, is Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR). COLOR is a community-rooted organization that enables Latinx individuals to lead safe, healthy and self-determined lives. They create awareness of intersectionality and the ways it is used to either support or marginalize Latinx communities.

Our funding supports COLOR to continue current programs and innovate for future programs to advance reproductive justice in Colorado. ReproCollab’s vision is to change the dynamics of power and COLOR is a fundamental local organization doing work for the reproductive justice movement. A big part of their work includes building new leadership.

An example of their efforts is the Youth of COLOR Fellowship, which builds the capacity and leadership of young People of Color around policy, organizing and communication. This 10-month long program centers the practices of the Reproductive Justice framework and curates opportunities for fellows to engage at the intersection of public service and social justice. 

Erika Leon, Andrea Arreola-Soria, América Ramírez and Amy Cerna Sanchez

In 2023, Youth of COLOR fellows are the fourth fellowship class. Amy Cerna Sanchez is the communications fellow, Andrea Arreola-Soria is the organizing fellow and Erika Leon is the policy fellow. Each fellow champions their focus with the goal to build up their knowledge, networks, and comfort level to engage with the political process at the local and state levels. 

“We’ve witnessed the greatest community impact from the work of our fellows among young Latines as they are actively engaged on our social media platforms and at organizing events – and we are excited to see what this fellowship cohort will do next!”
– América Ramírez, Program Director

At the end of the program, each fellow can implement advocacy tactics using power mapping strategies, contact government officials or policymakers/leaders to discuss reproductive justice issues, and lead organizing efforts in collaboration with partnering organizations and the Latinx community. Check out COLOR’s social to see what they do next!

Learn more about the work of other organizations serving latino/a/x communities, including the ones listed below. Visit our grantee database.

  • Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition
  • El Centro Amistad
  • Integrated Community
  • La Cocina
  • La Piñata del Aprendizaje
  • Valley Settlement
  • Vuela for Health

Board members and staff learn from Dianne Archuleta at El Pueblo History Museum

Around Our Offices: Thank You to Our Board Members

The Caring for Colorado Board of Directors sets policies and ensures that the organization is managed in a way to meet our mission and follow all legal requirements. Our 15-member board consists of business, education, community and health care leaders from across the state.

Board members and staff at our Pueblo office

Last week members of the Caring for Colorado Board visited Pueblo to learn more about the community and the needs of children and families in the region. Activities included a tour of El Pueblo History Museum and learning from local leaders during a panel discussion. They also had the opportunity to get to know the Packard Fund for Pueblo Advisory Board members, which serve to inform our placed-based work in Pueblo.

Thank you to all our board members for the time and talent you volunteer! Your ability to inform the programs, policies and systems that support the goal that every child in Colorado has love, stability, support and opportunity is priceless.